Close to Home

I'll be updating this section regularly as I explore nearby looking for birds, wildflowers and other cool stuff as targets for my camera.  Postings so far include:

  • Cedar Waxwings at my doorstep (briefly)!
  • Other Backyard Birds
  • Natives at the NC Botanical Garden
Close up of Cedar Waxwing with green background including mulberries
Closeup nature photograph of pair of Cedar Waxwings with one tossing mulberry into mouth in square format
Cedar Waxwing tossing mulberry into mouth perched on tree branch with smooth green background.
Closeup of Cedar Waxwing bird perched on branch with mulberry in mouth and smooth green background
Nature photograph of Cedar Waxwing bird with Mullberry in mouth
Closeup photo of squirrel eating berries from mulberry tree
Brown Headed Nuthatch bird perched on branch making eye contact with viewer
Cloesup photograph of Brown headed nuthatch hanging upside down on branch
Closeup of American Lotus Nelumba lutea partially open bud against black background
Blue abstract photograph of close-up of glass beads on gazing globe
Closeup wildflower photgraph of Lupine, Lupinus perennis
Closeup of columbine bloom with bud and smooth backlit background
Frame filling photo of a mass of columbine blooms - Aquilegia canadensis
Closeup of Glory lily, Gloriosa superba
Closeup of native clematis Clematis orchroleuca with smooth green background
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