Wetlands of Northeast  North Carolina

Though not as well-known as the Great Dismal 

Swamp to the north, the wetland complex of Northeastern North Carolina is impressive.  It covers a good part of 5 counties, over 300,000 acres.

Timbering and agriculture have dramatically altered the landscape but remnants of this wetland ecology have been conserved in various natural areas and eleven national wildlife refuges (including the Lake Mattamuskeet, Pocosin Lakes, Pea Island, and Alligator River refuges). There are still a few remaining stands of impressive Atlantic Cedar and picturesque bald cypress as well as significant wildlife including the endangered red wolf and the largest documented concentration of black bear in the eastern US.

In the summer it is hot, humid and buggy with an almost tropical feel. And teeming with an impressive collection of dragonflies, spiders, colorful butterflies, snakes, turtles and other cool critters.  In winter tens of thousands of snow geese and tundra swans visit for a few months, as well as fairly large populations of ducks and other migratory birds.

The clouds and humidity make for colorful sunsets. There is often fog for ethereal sunrises and calm waters for perfect reflections. And the people are friendly too. All in all a wonderful place to spend time exploring with camera in hand.

Minimalist photograph of solitary cypress tree in fog
Minimalist photograph solitary cypress tree in fog
Clouds with stormy sky and reflections on calm Lake Mattamukseet in North Carolina
Cypress tree on serene lake with pink and blue dawn colors
Egret with reflection on calm lake
Minimalist silhouette photograph of egret on lake at sunrise
Abstract photo of sticks and bird on lake in fog
Serene sunrise scene with lone cypress tree on calm lake
sunset on Lake with colorful sky
Lake Mattamuskeet in Autumn
Lake Mattamuskeet in Autumn
Shoreline grasses. Lake Mattamukseet
Foggy wetland scene nature photograph
Great Egret photograph at Lake Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina
Natural water lilies Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge
wild water lily nature photograph from Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge
Prothonotary warbler photograph from Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge
Dragonfly close-up
Palmedes Swallowtail on swamp milkweed nature photograph
Palmedes swallowtail on goldenrod bloom
Flock of blackbirds
Flock of flying black  birds
mallard ducks
Ruddy Ducks at Lake Mattamukseet
Coot photograph
Coot landing on frozen lake
Pintain Ducks flying at Lake Mattamuskeet in North Crolina
Canada geese flying at Lake Mattamuskeet
Snow geese landing in cornfield at Pocosin Lakes NationalWildlife Refuge in North Carolina
Flock of snow geese flying in North Carolina at Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge
Snow geese landing at Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina
Cypress trees at sunset with big orange sun at Lake Mattamukseet in North Carolina
Slow exposure of swans flying at sunset with colorful sky
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