West Virginia's Canaan Valley

Though not all that far from my location in central north Carolina, a trip to West Virginia's Canaan Valley and the highlands of nearby Dolly Sods Wilderness can make you feel you've traveled much further north.  Sphagnum-filled mountain bogs, stands of aspen and wind-sculpted red spruce, valleys of heath and cranberry, and even northern animal species like snowshoe hares and fishers -- one can find these and more on a visit to this fascinating region.

Up at Dolly Sods, with elevations over 4,000 feet, the weather is often harsh and wet.  The almost constant winds combined with winter snows and ice make for a rugged landscape of exposed rock and picturesque gnarled trees.  

Down below, in the Canaan Valley, the weather is milder but the landscape no less compelling with several beautiful waterfalls, two state parks and a wildlife refuge, and picturesque old towns and scenic rural roads to explore.

The weather can be challenging, even in spring and fall.  But when the winds die down, the precipitation slows a bit, and the fog begins to lift, a photographic wonderland is revealed.

West Virginia rural valley in spring
Canaan Valley panorama photograph in Fall with Fog
Mountian laurel on forest with fog in West Virginia
Rural West Virginia scene
West Virginia rural scene barn and lake with reflection
old rural door
West Virginia barn
West Virginia bog with ferns
Dolly Sods West Virginia mountain laurel in forest with fog
Wild bleeding heart wildflower in West Virginia
Maple tree with fall leaves in fog with ferns in West Virginia
Lindy Point Blackwater River State Park in West virginia
Autumn scene in West Virginia
Canaan Valley West Virginia fall scene
fall ferns nature photograph
Mountain Laurel blooming in the West Virginia Mountains of Dolly Sods
Rocky mountain scene in West Virginia with fog and mountain laurel blooms
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Blackwater River in Autumn
Cedar Waxwing with service berry in Canaan Valley West Virginia
West Virginia's Canaan Valley with autumn foliage and fog
Dolly Sods West Virginia  in Fog photograph
Dolly Sods in fall foliage and fog
Fall foliage in West Virginia
Beech tree in bed of ferns in West Virginia mountains
Sunrise photograph Dolly Sods
West Virginia winter scene Dolly Sods Wilderness area
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